The History of Hobart Gang Show

The first Gang Show originated in London in 1932. It was written by Ralph Reader, a man of many theatrical talents. Ralph Reader was a Broadway, as well as a West End choreographer, producer, and songwriter who had allegedly been a part of the Scouting movement since he was 11 years old.

Ralph Reader was asked to write a scout-themed show to help fundraise for a swimming pool at Downe scout Camp in London. While the show was not an overwhelming success, it raised enough money for the pool, and caught the attention of Lord Baden Powell himself, who acknowledged the show's importance in teaching a different but equally valuable skillset.

The 'Gang Show' name comes from a comment made during the first show, when a cast member responded to a call to attention with "Aye Aye skip, the Gang's all here!" This comment contributed to the show title, "the Gang's all here!' and the secondary show "The Gang Comes Back", finally culminating in "The Gang Show" in 1934.

London Gang Show has continued to perform consistently since 1950, and was the first amateur production to receive a Royal Command Performance, performing three times for the reigning monarch in 1937, 1957 and 1964.


With such an example, Gang Shows began to spread worldwide. Hobart Gang Show performed their first season in 1956, continuing until 1976. After a hiatus, Hobart Gang Show started back up in 1990 until present, preparing to celebrate it's 45th season in 2022. In 2016, Hobart Gang Show celebrated their 40th anniversary with a Country Trip north to Burnie, performing at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre for Scout and Guide groups located in the north of Tasmania.

While many shows were heavily impacted by the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021, Hobart Gang Show was lucky enough to continue performing. The 2020 show was produced as a youtube video for audiences Australia-wide. The 2021 show was fortunate enough to be performed in theatre following health and safety guidelines. Hobart Gang Show is celebrating its 45th season in 2022!

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